Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Feeling Our Way to 5D

Over the last few years there has been increasing awareness of and conversation about the subject of shifting out of third dimensional consciousness and into fifth dimensional resonance; and what it means for humanity.  When our personal search for information takes us into the arena of quantum metaphysics and dimensional shifting we find a wealth of data available, along with a glossary of terminology which suffers from a lack of standardization.  The basic concepts alone can be confusing enough without four or five different names for each aspect to interpolate.

Sometimes the best we can do is to just take it all in, and run everything by the heart.

Whenever you aren't quite sure of something, check in to see what your heart has to say on the subject.  You just can't go wrong there.  Your heart will never mislead you; but sometimes it will only be sure you're listening closely. 

For about as long as humans have been on earth, the place has been in what we term third dimensional timespace and consciousness, or 3D.   When we speak of shifting out of 3D, perhaps we can best understand it by looking at the "big picture" for an overview of things, Aquarius Rising: Crossroads in Time.  With this perspective we see that the shift from 3D to 5D is heralded by the conjunction of three very long duration cycles of time:  The Age of Aquarius, the Mayan calendar, and the Kali Yuga.

The commonality of these three cycles of time is that they all deal with humanities coming of age.  3D consciousness was our spiritual childhood, when we learned about being human. The 4D consciousness we're currently experiencing relates to our spiritual adolescence, or out growing our childish tendencies and evolving towards spiritual adulthood.  5D consciousness then is what we aspire to become; as individuals and as a species.    

We're in the process of seeing thru the illusion of separation, with a long way to go. 

We've been in 4D reality for several years now.  Opinions vary as to exactly how long ago it happened; maybe as much as 15 years ago (9-11).  The "good news" is that 4D is a transitional state, between what was and what will be; my guess would be it may go another ten years or so, maybe.  It takes time to anchor the new energies & frequencies into the earth. Growing pains, upheaval and turmoil are the hallmarks of 4D, making it much like our period of spiritual adolescence .  This then, would be that time when we turn away from selfish greed and a lust for power.  A time for evolving our collective consciousness to the point of preserving our race, and our planet.

If you're having difficulty visualizing this dimensional shift concept it might be due to the misconceptions arising from the aforementioned lack of standard terminology.  Additionally, some confuse the current subject with the also alluring concept of parallel worlds and dimensions, i.e. the many worlds theory.  The possible existence of other, alternate realities, timelines and worlds more or less refers to actual places other than where we are. 

The shift of the ages, and the transition from 3D to 5D is all about this place right here, and does not involve or require going anywhere.  What its about, is the elevating of our personal and collective energy to a higher frequency.  Don't think different place, think same place, just an octave higher in frequency!  As an example, consider the standard silent dog whistle.  Humans hear nothing when the whistle blows, but fido and spot sure do.  Just because we cannot perceive something doesn't mean it isn't there.   

When you consider the exceptionally poor perceptive apparatus we humans are equipped with it's amazing we've made it this far.  Humans can only see roughly two percent of the visible spectrum, and only hear about two percent sound spectrum.  Not even well equipped to perceive in 3D, much less realms in the higher octaves.  To perceive these higher realms we must practice raising our vibration and expanding our awareness; and that means working thru the heart chakra; which then becomes the bridge to the upper chakras and 5D consciousness.  (Your Aura & 12 Chakras: keys to the kingdom)

Our lower three chakra centers were just the thing we needed to survive and thrive in the third dimensional world; and while I wouldn't go so far as to suggest they are no longer any use to us; I do think keeping our energy & focus there in the present time is counterproductive in the extreme.  In the turbulent now, I believe we are better served by moving our energy and focus from where we have been, to where we are going.  Time to leave the 'basement' and move on upstairs to the heart chakra, that's where you want to hang your hat. 

If a person's belief system doesn't include at least the possibility of higher dimensions, then that person isn't likely to experience any dimensions other than the one they're currently in.  To begin perceiving higher dimensions two things are required, effort and intention.  Effort without intention is aimless and intention without effort is just lazy.

Those who aspire to 5D consciousness are pathfinders into an undiscovered country; guided by their heart center, and the desire to reconnect with the divine.  Maybe its alright that there isn't a standardized glossary of terms and definitions.  Maybe we don't so much need that anymore now that 3D is behind us.  Maybe we'll do just fine by following our hearts in such matters.  Perhaps this transitional fourth dimensional energy will inspire us to put more value into feelings than we do into words.

3D taught us that everything has a price.
4D is teaching us that some things shouldn't be for sale.
5D will show us why money isn't the most important thing.

The intensity of disharmony is bound to escalate higher still the deeper into 4D we travel.  While we must not give it our full attention; to ignore it completely is inviting confusion to make your most important decisions.  In a way, we actually need this hyper-negativity to reach our goal of evolving into 5D consciousness.  Its a bit like how electricity works.  For an electrical circuit to be complete there needs to be resistance (negativity) on the line.  No resistance, no juice.  I think we need to experience the dystopian hell of 4D consciousness in raw form before we will as a race, finally turn our backs on it - all at once please.  (Surfing the Kali Yuga, and The 4th Dimensional Kali Yuga Blues)

It is true that the universe re-arranges itself to accommodate our picture of "reality" and the way it works is sometimes called the Destiny Formula: Everything is energy, energy follows thought, thought becomes belief, belief creates reality, and reality determines destiny!  Change your thinking, change your reality, and your destiny.  As simple as that.  It not only works, it has to work, doesn't have a choice, unlike us. 

Symptoms of being in 4D Reality

INCREASING CHAOS: foundations of belief systems are failing, falling apart.  Our spiritual  beliefs are being tested as never before, just when we need them the most.  It's little problem holding fast to our spiritual belief system when things are swell & easy.  It's while reaping the whirlwinds that we must hold fast or adapt on the fly.

TIME; Many have commented that time flows differently, faster somehow, in 4D, while for others the opposite seems true; then there are those who experience time speeding up & slowing down.  A feeling of "walking thru Mud" We're not in Kansas anymore (3D)!!

SLEEP; Many are also experiencing mild to severe changes in their sleep cycles.
Some tend to sleep much more than ever before, while others seem to have the opposite problem, perhaps sleeping only four hours each night.

DREAMS:  As we transit deeper thru 4D, many of us have experienced sleep disruptions, and weird, strange dreams.  Others have been experiencing flashback style memories of things long if something has stirred them up.

EMOTIONS: 4D is playing merry hob with human emotions, as the things which we have always counted upon are now less reliable.  Relationships based upon financial security are faltering right along with the global economy.  We humans are unique in that we are emotionally tied to the futures we envision.  When things go different, emotional discord is often the result.  These days its hard avoiding some degree of spiritual depression when we consider the long range ramifications of fukushima upon our progeny, and planet. (enenews)

RELATIONSHIPS: A great many are noticing that being awake & aware is being hard on those close to them, who aren't so ready to embrace the vaster realities you are seeing.  this causes discord in families as well as emotional relationships.  It hard when we realize we may have to "cut them loose" or they do so to us.  Everything is being tested now.

I think we sometimes tend to fall into spiritual comfort zones; when we stop questioning, and stop looking for that next plateau; we kinda stagnate in one comfortable place or position...which feels safe, yet little progress is being made.  4D is here to shake us out of our warm fuzzy trance, and challenge everything we think we know.

The steps to getting there ~ Are the qualities of being there

The "trick" then, is to not become overly focused upon the current chaos of 4D, but rather to keep our focus upon the spiritual destination of our choice, i.e. 5D.   By getting sucked into the chaotic drama all around us we can't effectively elevate our energetic resonance closer to matching the primary attributes of 5D consciousness; which include Being Heart-Centered, Unity Consciousness, Connection with Higher Self, Honesty, Tolerance, Peacefulness, Balanced Ego. Expanded AwarenessBeing at peace with self

There are a number of things that can assist with raising your energy higher, including:

1.     Think Better Thoughts, because those thoughts are creating your reality.
2.     Keep your eye & mind on the prize"...your goal.  Don't get distracted.
3.     Be tolerant of those you disagree with, especially if they project intolerance.
4.     Discard from your life that which does not serve or support your efforts.
5.     Disconnect from sources of negativity; anything weighing your energy down.
6.     Check in with your Higher Self on a daily basis, stay tuned in!!
7.     Keep a dream journal, symbology that makes no sense now may well later!
8.     Finally, as you make your preparations keep it to yourself: those who didn't understand your awakening won't want to hear about 5D either.  And one other thing;                                              

It isn't about being more, or better than others, it's about disappearing!

Additionally, using sound to help raise personal frequency resonance is a powerful and time honored technique we call Vibrational Medicine.  Using sound is so effective because lower frequencies will always seek to match any higher frequency thru sympathetic resonance.  An added bonus is that sound is an excellent way to keep the aura and chakras clean and balanced. 

~ Attributes of 5D Reality ~ 
There are ways to tell when your energy is rising, some are as follows;

You may well notice increased frequency of "fingertip manifestation" in your life...seeing it show up just after thinking or speaking of something. 

You may notice an increased desire to follow your Bliss, as obstacles fall away.
Dreams may become more vivid, with unusual visual imagery and settings.
You may notice increased feeling of empathy with victims of persecution.
You may experience enhanced sensory input, such as "seeing" things, or movement of energy not visible or apparent to others around you. 
You will have less and less tolerance for arguing, quarreling and inter-personal discord.
You will have less tolerance for deceptive and negative people in your environment.
You will no longer be able to abide violence in entertainment such as movies, etc.
You may be more prone than usual to daydreaming & "flights of fancy"  etc.
You may grow dissatisfied with your "JOB" as your consciousness expands and becomes less connected to the world of 4D.

You may notice a tendency to think of past times more than you normally do, usually with pronounced nostalgia, and even loss; this is normal in times such as these.  If such memories are accompanied with emotional pain, then it is important to do some additional 'release' work in those areas.  Keep the memories, just drain the emotional charge out of them.

The current rate of weekly upheaval in our little blue world is a sign that the energies of 4D are swirling faster every day.  It's not only hard keeping well informed, it can be down right depressing as well.  Those in control behind the scenes very much want us tightly focused upon the horrors running amok on earth.  They want us totally confused, scared out of our wits and glued to the tube to see what the next disaster will be. 

All the more reason to disengage from the system and grid as much as possible.  Don't rely upon the great shining lie to guide and direct you in these times, and don't even rely upon your own logic, because even that can be unreliable these days.  It's time to just get down to basics, and let our hearts lead the way thru this long night of the soul.  Listen to your heart, it will always tell you what it needs, what to move towards and what to avoid. 

A healthy heart chakra is a strong foundation when the winds of change are re-arranging  the landscape; and an excellent pathfinder for staying on course.  It's our best bet for feeling our way into 5D reality.   Think better thoughts.

© 2015 full re-post with permission only

May the Source be with You

Suggested Reading:
The Celestine Prophecy books by James Redfield
The Peaceful Warrior books by Dan Millman
Thinking and Destiny by Harold Percival

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Morning Doom

Coffee to wash away the morning doom.  
This is how it is each morning and I bet I'm not the only one.

The hardest time of the day is watching the morning sun.  Not awake yet, it is the border between the sleeping me which has traveled far but not remembering while the body lays at rest just before the light of day summons us to take our place, to get ready to rumble.

 It's daylight in the swamp. 

 I reluctantly rise, not wanting to let go of the only free time we have which is when we sleep.  We've got it ass-backwards.  The night isn't scary, it's our friend and our spirits are free to roam.  Maybe our spirits visit those better timelines where John Lennon is an old man who no longer writes songs and nanite bioweapons don't exist.  Or maybe we visit with people who already left, but we can't stay and the gravity well will not allow us to remember where we went. 

The morning is when we have to remember that our rulers want us dead.  
It wasn't a dream, they really do.  

That is the morning doom, remembering that we are in a silent war against silent but very real weapons.  You look up to see how bad the spraying got while you slept; already there are trails dissipating and on the horizon a couple more are headed your way.  

It's daylight in the swamp. 

But after two cups of coffee and a few smokes 
I am ready. 
Bring it.

July 4, 2015
~ Anonymous ~

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness

The Grateful Dead played their last concert ever in the bay area the other night; and it seemed fitting the long strange trip on planet earth gets stranger by the day, and a procession of the known & familiar heads off into the mists of history.

We're way out beyond the reach of history now which is why so many seem confused; it's because all the solutions we've learned from history are outdated, as we scramble for fresh understanding amid rapid changes and widespread cognitive dissonance.

Things nowadays are seldom as they seem, or as some would have us all believe them to be.  We don't see the entire scope of things, many unknown factors are swirling about in the winds of change; much is being crafted and scripted, and everywhere we look we see that which we call the matrix tightening it's oppressive coils of control like an evil, wounded Anaconda.  

ObamaCare has now survived a second supreme court challenge and with experts doubting there will be another challenge; it's likely here to stay.  Other new legislation addressed inequality in fair housing, gaining ground on that issue as well. 

The same court also handed down another historic decision the same week; declaring that same sex marriage was now legal in all fifty states.  Of course this had to share the limelight with the aftermath of the latest incidence of racial violence which sparked backlash against public display of the confederate flag nationwide.  Too bad people can't manage the same levels of passion over Fukushima, or fracking as they do flags and sexual preference.  Unfortunately, the court also ruled against protecting the environment by dialing back industrial emission laws.

Then there is the story about a white woman masquerading as a black woman, and the other story about Bruce Jenner's sex change into Caitlyn Jenner, hot on it's spiked heels.  Amid all the hyperbolic coverage of all these stories comes a sinister push toward mandatory child vaccines, just one more unwanted thing we have no control over.  Also, as the country was distracted by all the street theater, Obama quietly passed legislation on the TPP trade fiasco; which is just one more thing that may not be as it seems.  However on the positive side there are now costumed, masked crime fighters prowling the streets of Seattle!
While on the surface these historic changes seem like long overdue progress; we will do well to remember what I previously mentioned, much is being crafted and scripted.  Just as these historic steps caused millions to rejoice, their detractors are bound to be equally passionate in their scorn.  Passions which those in the shadows would just as soon see boil over, and as we all know by now, they just love lending a "helping" hand in such matters.  Pitting opposing factions of belief against each other seems to work every time.  When do you suppose we'll catch on and quit acting out the roles scripted for us to play?

At their core, these kinds of changes are about humanity and dignity, and perhaps elevating them above petty partisan politics and prejudice; at least for a while.  But why not as a society, seize this forward momentum to push thru even more long overdue changes favoring humanity over the corporations.  Then again, as the matrix continues to falter and fail, maybe some of its members figure it would be good to win some of us over before the final crash.  Just because the powers that be have an ulterior agenda at work doesn't mean we cannot capitalize on the push for progress. 

This week saw the list of 2016 GOP presidential candidates bulge to a record breaking bakers dozen; with the actual election some 18 months away.  An unlucky 13 of the biggest lunatics, whack jobs and all around pandering mega-flakes ever to disgrace this country.  You listen to any of them; and its just the same exact tired old white guy mentality rattlesnake poison they've been spouting the last fifty years.  How about maybe we ride the tide of recent historic changes and keep up with the upgrades.  Maybe we start by sending all those hateful, prejudiced old white men packing once and for all?  How about a clean slate, with young, progressive thinking people from every walk of life being in charge? 

The ongoing financial crisis in Greece is affecting American 401K plans, spreading fear and apprehension into financial markets an ocean away.  We would do well in this country to heed what is transpiring in Greece, and just maybe try to emulate what has been going on in Iceland.  As this is happening the FBI announces a cancellation of all leave or vacations over the 4th of July weekend.  In Maryville, Tennessee over 5000 have been evacuated after a train derailment resulted in a poisonous toxic plume blanketing the area.

Meanwhile reality TV shows are getting closer every season to attaining their ratings smashing goal of actually killing a contestant, and they've already come close.  Here's something to wonder about; there currently are around ten shows in production which focus on surviving in the wilderness; why?  Is this some more subliminal predictive programming?  Does someone somewhere know something we don't?  Inquiring minds want to know, and then there are those who don't. 

The pope recently went public with his edict on global warming & climate change; citing that it's a problem for all of us to address together; that it is our responsibility to the future to address this critical issue.  This is another solid win for agents of change, because now that global warming is part of an official church edict it will automatically increase awareness, maybe even result in some authentic concern as well.  Whether or not we actually act on the behalf of our progeny, well that is another thing entirely.  If the past is truly prologue, then I'd hazard to guess that when all the rhetoric finally fades away we won't have much to brag about.

Elsewhere, in the natural world: raccoons are cruising around on alligators, weasels are hijacking woodpeckers, crows are surfing eagles, and grizzlies are accosting tourist cars; not to mention serial shark attacks on both coasts.  At the Kruger game park in Africa A leopard attacked a safari guide in a vehicle; just months after another fatal lion attack nearby.

Two news crews covering a San Francisco murder were robbed at gunpoint; the thief making off with their camera equipment.  In Germany a robot killed a worker at a Volkswagen plant; and over 300 wildfires in Alaska have turned baked Alaska into a reality.  Wildfires erupting in California are more foreboding than ever what with the epic drought here.  As arid California burns, Texas is being deluged with record rainfall, causing record flooding.  Elsewhere, tornadoes are roaming about the Midwest in surly mobs heading eastward, as the UK suffers under an unusual heat wave...and everywhere you look it seems airplanes are falling out of the skies in record numbers, including in my old hometown of Ketchikan, Alaska.

All of this chaos and turmoil is the trademark signature footprint of fourth dimensional timespace resonance; and it denotes both the death of third dimensional reality and the transition to higher, more stable frequencies.  Even bigger changes await us just around the bend, and not all of them will be for the betterment of all.  Things won't be this chaotic and turbulent permanently; we're in a transitional phase which may last a few more years at best before things begin settling down to a new normal for humanity.

 Depending on where your energy & head is at, as the intensity begins to fade you will either perceive a thoroughly dystopian society around you, or one that is licking its wounds and actually embracing the evolutionary track. 

Whether you believe in reincarnation, or yolo, (you only live once) this life on this planet is not a spectator sport; we have to contribute something, some effort, some commitment to the kind of future we want to see.  Haven't we learned by now we simply can't trust our future to greedy old white men any longer? 

The trouble is that we've all taken shelter from the swirling winds of change within our own personal belief systems; and as long as we refuse to operate beyond the confines of said belief system, no growth or progress is possible.  Energy follows thought, which simply means that we tend to create what we think about the most.  If all one's time and energy is devoted to resisting the matrix, that will become your reality, intended or otherwise.  We must guard against becoming that automobile mechanic who fixes other people's cars yet never has time to work on his own ride. 

We must learn to detach from the struggle against the matrix frequently enough to make sure our own vehicle remains in top shape for the journey ahead.  If we don't focus on ourselves as much as we agonize over the state of the human zoo we're destined to remain a part of it.  I'm pretty sure you don't want that any more than I do. 

When I made my living as a drug/alcohol rehab counselor; about 90% of my clients were court referred DWI cases, which meant it wasn't their idea to come see me.  Many were antagonistic and uncooperative, and a few showed up who refused to even speak during their mandated hour with me each week.  My reaction to this hostility was putting a plaque on the wall,  just beneath the clock which read: "Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig."  It was there to remind me that one cannot teach to minds which arrive closed and locked.  I am sure that many of my clients back then thought the sign was for them because that is the nature of the self-centered.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

I eventually had to let that job go because it was a permanently negative environment, resistant to change, which was just helping the system to function, nothing more.  I'd become a well paid cog in the machine, performing a rote function that was eroding my soul a little more every day, while not making a bit of difference.  I tossed that job, but kept the plaque and the philosophy.

When things created in 3D begin breaking down in 4D - don't waste time or energy attempting to make things as you remember them; just bless it, release it and move on.  Learn to recognize when something has served its purpose for you, and just let it go.

4D is not 3D, and the reason so many are dealing with cognitive dissonance and fear right now is because they're still carrying on as if we're all still skipping along in 3D reality.  There is a reason why so many things and institutions and governments are breaking down just now: their time is done yet they continue thinking and behaving as if all the same old "rules" still apply.  They don't.

The rules have not only changed, they're in a kind of fluid state where they morph abruptly without notice or warning, into something entirely different; forcing us to be vigilant and cognizant of our surroundings day to day.  No, things definitely are not as they seem much of the time these days, because of conflicting world entities who are at cross purpose with one another.  Leaves the rest of us in the unenviable position of being caught between them as they grapple. 

If you like; you can of course stick around until the final bell to see who "wins" but of course by that time you'll just be part of the crowd trying to find the exit to the parking lot.  Perhaps it is a wiser move to realize that all this conflict is kind of negative, kind of counter productive, and quietly leave the arena well ahead of the final blow.  

So, if you want to make progress in these times of sweeping change and high strangeness, get out of that comfort zone of yours and shake off the stagnation.  As any baseball fan knows, you cannot steal second base while your feet are stuck on first.  A conscious decision to act is required if progress is desired, simple as that.  Life should be about expanding our comfort zones to include more and more things, ideas and concepts; not just clinging tightly to the old and familiar, as they march on into the mists of history. 

© 2015 full re-post with permission only 

Help Other People Evolve !

"Every day is judgement day ~ The best you can do is forgive"

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Dancing with the Racist in the Room

Mom always told me to never engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed.

In a recent post of mine some may have seen, Flag of Hatred - I commented on the confederate flag and the racist attitudes it is most often associated with.  I chose to not only write about it, but to do so in the brash, in-your-face manner which racists so frequently themselves like to employ.  A sort of social experiment which was inspired by watching news interviews with "typical" down home good ole boys from the deep south explaining how they aren't racists, but rather are just very proud of southern heritage, values and independence. 

I was aware going in, that no matter what I said or how I said it, I was in for some crisp feedback, because the first thing racists do when confronted with the ugliness of their hate is to attempt to change the focus away from that by any means possible.  The easy thing would have just been to keep my mouth shut (as some suggested) to avoid all the nastiness which was sure to follow, but you see; that is exactly what they want! 

A primary tactic of distraction employed by racists is the same tactic used successfully by infants and children.  Make enough unpleasant noise long enough and you'll get your way; and if you make it a lifestyle, pretty soon everyone will avoid you like they do rattlesnakes.  Tends to work quite well, if you don't mind being a social pariah.

The first and loudest voice of dissent and damnation came from a self described 'redneck' who goes by buelaman and hosts a website he calls B'mans Revolt somewhere in the south evidently.  First met this fellow a couple years back when he made a passably decent little video based on one of my posts he liked.  He asked if he could, I said yes, and was happy with the result.  Despite trying to keep in touch, I haven't heard anything at all from buelaman since that time; until I posted Flag of Hatred the other day.  As I said, his was the first response to the post, and it bothered me a bit that I'd offended him, so I replied by email that insulting him personally wasn't my intent and apologized for offending him.

Evidently, that wasn't good enough.

Within half an hour the blog post comments began flooding in as they never have before, and I mean there were actually 65 comments posted in the first few hours after the post was published on  That many mostly negative comments so quickly means that someone got on the phone/email & twitter to rally his troops against me.  Their tactic is simple and so very easy; they bomb you with vile, disgusting and highly abusive comments knowing that if you moderate out all the filth they can accuse you of censorship, and if you post any of the comments they get to be obnoxious and drive readers from your blogsite.  Because I sought a dialogue on the issue of the cornerstone speech, to see if anyone would actually engage on that issue, (the central point to the post in question)...I published some of the less offensive comments, and flushed the blatantly abusive. 

It is worth noting at this point that on his own web site, buelaman requests that those commenting please keep their comments on topic - too bad he doesn't practice what he preaches, because the first thing the next morning, at the very top of a whole new raft of hateful, abusive comments, was buelaman himself strutting like a rooster, telling me to shut up because so many negative comments means I'm wrong. Now, just how did he know how many comments I'd received ?  He also said he took down the video he did from my post, but would put it back up once things between us were resolved!!

Told him I'd rather he delete the video forever than see him use it as some kind of hostage to the discussion going his way.  You see, the mentality average folks are up against here?

Nowhere in all those "comments" was there even a single person who wasn't afraid to discuss the cornerstone speech.  Not a one!  How about that.  Finally this morning, a reader from England not only addressed the speech in question, he even offered some insight I hadn't thought of, so thanks to Steven for that!  The point here is simple; haters never want to address the real issues, I think they just prefer to be left alone to stew in their own bigoted juices.

The trouble is here, that society simply cannot afford that kind of silence any more, not if we want even the smallest shot at evolving beyond pride and prejudice.  For over a century we have just shut up and let the rebels have their little pity party of private hatred and intolerance.  Just now, in a moment of clarity in the wake of the Charleston killings, we're coming to our senses as a nation and acknowledging that the stars & bars has to go!

Let's be very clear here.  The confederacy was never recognized as a sovereign state, not by a single world government at the time.  It was an illegitimate political entity which committed acts of treason against America, and started a war costing over 600,000 lives in total.  All because they refused to give up the practice of slavery.  That is the heritage these haters say they are so proud of.  They were wrong, they LOST the war they began, yet somehow we're supposed to allow them to continue intimidating all of us with their hate banner.  Ask any reasonable person what first comes to mind when they see the rebel flag, and see what they say!  Sore losers who would just as soon kill you!

These days it isn't enough to just speak truth to power, we must also speak truth to ignorance, bigotry and racism; because, clearly, keeping our silence hasn't worked out so well now has it?  In his address at the funeral of pastor/senator Clementa Pinckney this day, President Obama even said that "the confederate flag is a symbol of systemic oppression," and warned that we should not fall back into silence over this issue, the issue of racism and hatred perpetuated by a symbol on a flag. 

 Google racist symbols and guess what shows up together on the first row of results; the confederate flag and the Nazi swastika!  How about that??

The KKK was a group of southern racist haters; who felt the need to hide behind bed sheets despite their "superiority" to the negro - what were they afraid of, or ashamed of??  No different from today where our group of haters likes to hide behind false respectability, using words like heritage & honor.  How come all the haters only post as anonymous?  Because that is the modern equivalent to the klansman's bed sheet. 

False equivalency and revisionist history are the haters favorite tactics to divert and distract attention away from the issue of their bigoted, prejudiced minds.  When out maneuvered by logic and truth; they quickly accuse opponents of being agents of the system, deluded, or just simple minded.  Those unwilling to acknowledge much less discuss the cornerstone speech are oh, so quick to point at Old Glory saying look at all the oppression of minorities that flag has flown over, and that may well be, however, we'll discuss that flag when it gets its own post, NOW we are, as a nation, discussing the confederate flag, and all it represents.  How about we all stay on topic here, eh?  Quit trying to change the subject!

As even a casual reader of this blog is aware, I am anything but a fan of the American government or its bloody history of injustice to minority people.  To accuse me of being a shill for the establishment just smacks of desperation by those who seek to silence any voice but their own. The haters have become experts at playing this evasive little mind game where no answer given is ever good enough, and like slippery eels they avoid actually addressing the salient points, but prefer to take personal cheap shots at the author, hoping if they piss him off, it will divert focus from the main point.  This then is the action of cowards who want all the rights in the world but are willing to respect nobody in return.

How come the haters can't just man up and own their hate?? 

For over a hundred years racist southerners have shoved the confederate battle flag in everyone's face in their arrogant attempt to feel superior, and intimidate their enemies but when someone shoves the truth in THEIR face, oh, they sure don't like it much.  Not at all.  Like most cowards, they can dish it out but they cannot take it. 

"I'm not a racist" they cry, then in the next breath admit to embracing the confederate flag for what it "really means".  You can't have it both ways, but then that's exactly what the haters want.  They want the right to do whatever they desire and then denounce any opposing opinion with distortions of history and utter lies, again,

  What are they afraid of ??

If one is not a racist, but yet loves their southern heritage so much, why not fly the original confederate flag, instead of the rebel battle flag?  How about that?  But we don't see the original flag much, perhaps because it doesn't deliver the desired message to those who see it. 

Intolerance is the watchword for these racists, and you see it the minute you say something they don't like; they verbally attack with clever tactics designed to distract and obfuscate from the central issue.  They know that their inner hatreds are wrong and ugly in every way, and they defend their hatreds the same way the do their ignorance, with angry abusive rhetoric - it's all they know, it's all they want to know! 

 Minds as rigidly locked as the confederate flag at the south Carolina state capitol. 

Sometimes ya have to speak on the only level someone can understand.  Seeing the predominantly abusive responses to Flag of Hatred it was clear to me that those who felt offended are unwilling or unable to engage in a rational, respectful discourse.  This is their primary tactic: to so overwhelm their opponents with vile and abusive rhetoric that those with opposing views throw up their hands in disgust and just give up.  That, is the problem, we just silently endure these haters rather than incur their vehement wrath.  Essentially the same way a child gets it's way, by crying and wailing so loudly and long that the parents give in.  They do this because they know they cannot prevail in any fact based discussion.  Just like bawling children who know nothing beyond self interest, these southern racists must be taught that such behavior will no longer be rewarded, or tolerated.

Of course, some of these southern racists have long ago found their way into the halls of power, you'll know them by their tantrums, like some of the gems that have fallen from the mouth of supreme court judge Antonin Scalia recently. By god, I thought the man's head was gonna explode today when same sex marriage was made the law of the land.

See how fast the haters are losing ground!!  They must be really stewing in their juices by now. 

As I've said, these racists are, at their core; cowards; by way of example I have only to point out that since the Charleston shootings there have been a total of seven black churches burned.  They can't all be bad wiring and lightning.  Who runs around under the cover of darkness and sets fire to churches?  The same bunch that ran around in bed sheets hanging black people - cowards, that's who!

The tide is turning people; and this moment right now might just be the best time in the world to roll bigotry and intolerance back a couple hundred years, hell its where they like it best, they'll be fine there without us.  Like that self absorbed child, southern haters must be taught where the boundaries are, and what lines they are not allowed to cross.

At the end of the day it's refreshing to know that everyone out there isn't the same as these bigots and haters.  They've always been a minority, and they act like it.  Here, now in this national waking moment of recognition all of us non-haters need to stand up, and just say no more!  Silence will only embolden those who hate; I doubt we'll ever get rid of that gene, but we can try, and till then we have to stand up to racists and haters, every time, and tell them their day is done.  Tell them they are free to think and feel however they want, but decent, moral society will no longer give you a pass on public displays of hatred.  Take your flag and go back home, we're already full up with crazy here!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Flag of Hatred

Yes, take down the confederate flag wherever it flies.
Better yet, take it down and burn it!

The confederate battle flag belonged to traitors defending slavery.
Simple as that!

Enough of this cowardly cry about heritage and honor
again, the heritage of traitors to America.  What honor is there in slavery?

I lament the loss of any soldier in war, even ones on the losing side,
the Nazi's for example.  Doesn't mean I wanna ever see that flag again!
All those Johnny Rebs who died for the confederacy, they had a choice.
they knew exactly what they were fighting for; Slavery!
They were on the wrong side of history, America's first white supremacists 

It was wrong then, and it's still wrong today;

Simple as that.

Still the die-hards and ankle biters of this country insist that the confederate flag represents southern pride and heritage.  That is a pretty thin thing to hide your racism behind, because the truth says something very different in this case.

 In 1861 the vice president of the confederacy Alexander H. Stevens gave what has become known as the cornerstone speech, because it laid the cornerstone of confederate beliefs.  The salient part of that speech reads as follows:

How in hell is that not clear enough?

You simply cannot spin or contort that intent!

So when these yammering knuckle draggers whine about their heritage, keep in mind they refer to the heritage of buying and selling humans into slavery.  The heritage of raping and killing their property as they pleased.  The heritage of the KKK, not to put too fine a point on it.

The European union banned public display of the Nazi swastika for all the same reasons the confederate flag should be banned and burned: and when they banned it, the skinhead neo-Nazis quickly took up the rebel battle flag as their fall-back symbol of racist hatred.  Do you suppose it was because they identified with cornpone and grits?  Did the neo-Nazis start using the confederate flag because they support southern family unity??  Nope, they used it because it projects all the same hatred, intolerance and intimidation as the swastika.

The south ain't ever gonna rise again, deal with it; and ditch the flag!!

It is perhaps indicative of the prevailing mindset in South Carolina, that they saw fit to padlock the flag of hatred onto its own pole.  Locked flag, locked minds.  The very stubborn and entitled attitude so many southerners have also indicates minds that are locked shut, unwilling and unable to even consider change.  Time for history to leave them in the dust, and evolve without them, because they will never change.

It is perhaps worth noting that southern states have not always flown the confederate flag continuously since losing the civil war.  No, they began flying it back in 1961 during the 100th anniversary of the birth of the confederacy; which was timed nicely to coincide with the time blacks in this country began pushing for equal rights under the law.  The southern states just kept the flag flying since then, as an intimidation factor, and as a symbol of arrogant racism.

Take down that flag, and burn it.  It's time!

When we consider the words of Alexander H. Stevens in his confederacy cornerstone speech, there remains no reason whatsoever to allow that flag of hatred to ever be allowed in public again.  You want to adorn the interior of your home with it, fine by me, but it has no place in public, not for over a hundred years now, so just let it go and join the rest of us here in the current century.

This is not an emotional response to this issue, its a spiritual response.  We cannot afford to allow emotions to carry the day here, because there are those working very hard to spark an all-out race war in this country; and this conflict over the confederate flag is just adding fuel to the fire.

On his June 22nd program, (on comedy central) Larry Wilmore offered up what I think is an excellent idea.  Take the flag down right now, everywhere it flies over public spaces; and then if it means so very much "...debate about putting it back up."  But debate over taking it down, hell no, just take it down.

 Since when does the losing side get to fly its hateful flag over our public lands?
it just ain't right!

We have collectively overlooked this flag of hatred for more than a century now, and in light of recent trends in social engineering, I think it is time to relegate it to the museum where it belongs, right alongside the Nazi swastika.

It is heartening to see so many businesses like Amazon, and Wal-Mart take a stand, and stop offering confederate flags for sale; its a good start in the right direction.  Alabama struck their confederate flag today, while the Mississippi house & senate voted to do likewise, republican governor Phil Bryant held fast to his racist roots and said No!  We shall be keeping an eye on his political career from this point.  Not the time to stick to your guns, Phil.

In the light of the cornerstone speech the cockroaches of "heritage & honor" can find no safe haven to scurry into.  Hatred is hatred no matter how you dress it up or camouflage it with subterfuge.

 If you rebels are so proud of your heritage, why not just come clean and admit it's all about hate and intolerance instead of hiding behind socially acceptable buzz words and talking points?  Why not just own your hatred?  How about that? But either way, that damn flag of hatred has to go!

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